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Space management

The RoomAlyzer system is your fastest shortcut to cutting energy and heating costs, handling complaints, optimising air quality, preventing mould, strengthening your ESG and DGNB and getting an overall overview of your air quality and indoor climate.

Find out if you have the right number of desks and rooms. The sensors give you data on any type of facility from your offices, classrooms and restrooms to how many are actually in the rooms when they are in use. This data gives you the tools to act, now or over time.

Whether you have one or more locations, the RoomAlyzer system is an easy-to-use and complete solution. Data is delivered to you at all times keeping your storage, display cases and exhibitions safe.

All of our sensors deliver data to the RoomAlyzer system. No matter which sensors you use, your data is stored in one place. All sensors are wireless and incredibly easy to mount. You let go of expensive cabling and wifi worries and are able to spend time on the things that really matter: Data that allows you to optimise your facility management whilst saving money and energy.

RoomAlyzer Micro
RoomAlyzer Micro
RoomAlyzer Mini
RoomAlyzer Mini
RoomAlyzer Full
RoomAlyzer Full

Wireless sensors connected in one system

MICRO: Our RoomAlyzer MICRO sensors are the size of stamps. They are easy to mount and used for e.g.:

  • Desks (in use/not in use)

  • Counting people in meeting rooms

  • Triggering FM activities (touch)

  • Discrete air quality monitoring (e.g. display cases)

MINI: Our RoomAlyzer MINI sensor measures temperature, humidity and presence. Mount them anywhere (even in fridges). Used for e.g.:

  • Intelligent cleaning (managers and assistents)

  • Mould and humidity monitoring

  • Monitoring of storage rooms etc.

FULL: Our RoomAlyzer FULL sensors measures 8 things: Temperature, humidity, CO2, TVOC, noise, light and presence. Used for e.g.:

  • Optimising air quality and space

  • Handling complaints

  • DGNB, ESG and other certifications

  • Nudging for ventilation

Danish software for everyone

'Even I can do this'

Whenever we speak with our customers, we hear that the RoomAlyzer system is incredibly user-friendly. ‘Even I can do this’, is a sentence we hear often. We are also known for our high support and service standards.

You only need one login

All of our sensors deliver data to the RoomAlyzer system. You only need one login regardless of whether you are monitoring air quality, desk usage, mould, DGNB or something else.

We also forward to your platforms

If you want, you can have your data delivered to one of your existing systems. RoomAlyzer is an open system and we are integrated to platforms like DALUX FM, Pronestor, OS2 and many more.

RoomAlyzer Backend and App
RoomAlyzer Backend and App

We help you find the best solution

IoT Fabrikken på Messe
IoT Fabrikken på Messe

Get started with the RoomAlyzer system for as little as €140. Regardless of whether you work in a municipality, a company, a school, an educational institution, a museum or are part of a consulting agency or something else entirely. We have many different types of customers, and we always start with a meeting where we map out:

  • Which types of data would you like to collect?

  • Which types of sensors and how many suit your needs?

  • Once you become a customer, we book a startup meeting.

  • Here we make sure that you know how to use both sensors and data.

  • We have full support and always get back to you.

  • If you get ideas for system functionality, we are known to build them.

  • And we are always happy to integrate RoomAlyzer with your systems.

Our customers

Our customers include more than 50 municipalities and a long list of companies, museums, educational institutions, energy consultants, housing agents, scientists and many more. Here are what a few of them say about their use of the RoomAlyzer system.

“We are able to handle complaints about air quality objectively instead of relying on subjective statements. We make sure that we start our work in the places that need it the most, instead of in the places that are run by the most eloquent speakers.”

Steen Beck Nielsen, Head of Dept.

“Both hard- and software are super easy to work with. It’s one of the most user-friendly systems I have worked with.”

Emil Nielsen, Construction Manager

“The RoomAlyzer allows us to monitor our indoor air quality as well as how we use our space. We are given factual data that we can act on and in this way optimise how we run Zealand’s departments. It’s an incredibly user-friendly system both in terms of mounting the sensors and using the backend that comes with them. Data is easy to read and the people behind it offer quality service.”

Data helps handle complaints and save energy

"One of the strengths of the RoomAlyzer is that it measures a number of things with just one sensor, which means that I can use it for a number of different things. I use it to determine whether or not I need to take actions in complaint cases. Also, we are using it to assess the profitability of light projects as well as documenting our air quality to the authorities. The sensors are easy to mount. Not having to find a power outlet is a great advantage. IoT Fabrikken’s level of service is really good. They react quickly and are very open to new system suggestions.”

Jakob L. Nielsen, Energy Advisor

Strengthening our cleaning with IoT and sensors

“We have talked about using sensor-based data to help strengthen our cleaning business for a long time. We have chosen IoT Fabrikken as our supplier on the project, and have in no way regretted this choice. In record time they have have mounted sensors and have even developed a heat map that visualizes the level of activity in various areas. This willingness to go the extra mile has greatly impressed us in Compass Group. I warmly recommend that other companies who want to explore IoT, do so with IoT Fabrikken.”

Jonathan Drescher, Head of Innovation & Digital Development

Data in my inbox saves me time - and it's easy peasy

“The sensors save me a lot of work. Before I used to have loggers that I had to collect data from myself and work on in Excel. The RoomAlyzer sends me a report which means I can check that everything is going well from my office. They are so easy to mount and to work with. You practically can’t mess it up.”

Jude Soskolsky, Museum Inspector

Renovations based on data instead of feelings

“We test air quality and indoor climate before and after renovations. It is important to us that we do so using objective data-based measurements instead of acting on feelings. We have chosen the RoomAlyzer sensor because it is battery driven which means that we don’t have to look for a power outlet. We have been looking for a solution like this for a while. The RoomAlyzer is incredibly easy to use.”

Martin Mortensen, Energy Advisor

An easy all-in-one solution for CO2 and light

“The RoomAlyzer system covers many indoor climate parameters in one sensor which saves us from having to put up a lot of different sensors. One of its features is that it measures light which is a focal point here in Alberslund. Also, it’s rigged with a quality CO2-sensor for this level of measuring. The fact that it has an open API means a lot to us too, as we want easy access to our own data. The sensors are easy to mount and the backend is very intuitive, also in terms of the app which is great when you are on location. We are happy to work with IoT Fabrikken.’"

Helene Qvist, Property & Planning