Space management

For all types of facilities

Utilize your facilities even better
  • Desks: Measure how often they are in use and make adjustments.

  • The desk sensor is easily integrated with your booking system

  • Meeting rooms: Is it used by two or 12 people when occupied?

  • Offices: How many people are in fact using it?

  • Society and club rooms: Are they in use often or just once a month?

  • Education: How often are our classrooms in use? By how many users?

  • Sports halls: Can we turn the heating down some days? Or assign them to other groups?

Your overview of desks and rooms starts here

When you mount our sensors and start collecting easy-to-use data in the RoomAlyzer system, you can optimise your space management within a relatively short time period. Our RoomAlyzer MINI lets you know when your rooms are in use, and our MICRO desk sensor keeps an eye on your desk usage.

All data is collected in the RoomAlyzer system and can also be forwarded to your other systems.

You'll never know it's there

If you want to find out how often your desks and meeting rooms are really in use, the MICRO desk sensor is the ultimate solution. The tiny sensors are no larger than stamps and they are mounted under desks quickly and easily. From here they transmit wirelessly and give you easy-to-read data in the RoomAlyzer system. You can also opt to have the data forwarded directly to your booking system.

The sensors have a battery life of at least eight years and find the internet via the Cloud Connector which handles many sensors and square meters. Other than the connector you are completely free from cables. You will not need wifi and are ready to go as soon as you receive your sensors.