Ringsted Municipality

Working strategically with air quality in schools and much more

‘The RoomAlyzer gives us an overview of where we have the biggest problems with CO2 in our classrooms. We are a municipality committed to working with air quality but like everyone else we only have a certain budget and it is important that we spend our money in the best way possible.

I see a potential for using the sensor to nudge teachers and students to air out more. At the same, the RoomAlyzer will also give us a better overview of how much we use our facilities.

The sensor is also an important tool for optimizing energy use by turning down the heat in the right places.’

Ivar Sande, Head of Property and Planning

Ivar Sande - Ringsted Kommune
Ivar Sande - Ringsted Kommune

Holbæk Municipality

Data as a political awareness tool and for prioritising

‘We have chosen the RoomAlyzer because we want to work actively with our indoor air quality and give our employees the best possible working environment. We want to do so by basing the things we do on data, and not solely on the feelings of the people in the rooms.

The RoomAlyzer has already helped us determine that CO2 levels were not too high in a building that had been reported, and it gave us the tool to close the case in a good way.

We also have buildings where things could be better and in these cases we also need the data to show the politicians that indoor air quality in schools needs to be put on the agenda. In the best of all worlds we would be able to renovate all of our buildings and add mechanical ventilation to them but we also have budgets to live up to and the RoomAlyzer helps us prioritise where we need to go in first.'

Bastian Westphal Helweg, Energy Advisor

Bastian Westphal Helweg - Holbæk Kommune
Bastian Westphal Helweg - Holbæk Kommune

Rudersdal Museum

Monitoring humidity and temperature below ground to protect national heritage

’Our primary focus is documenting that we keep the right humidity and temperature in our exhibitions. In order for us to loan exhibition items I have to document that we have proper air quality to the National Museum. The most important thing is to ensure that we keep a fairly steady temperature and that our humidity levels do not provide a breeding ground for mould and cracks. We are talking Danish national heritage, so it is an important matter.

We also use the sensors to monitor our storage facilities. We used to rely on dataloggers that could only be read manually. The RoomAlyzer lets me know straight away if there is a problem and that gives me a stronger sense of security.

We are pretty impressed that the sensors can transmit from below ground in a concrete environment without any problems. We have tried a wifi solution that did not work.'

Anders Bank Lodahl, Museum Inspector, Rudersdal Museum

Anders Bank Lodahl - Museumsinspektør Rudersdal Museer
Anders Bank Lodahl - Museumsinspektør Rudersdal Museer


Monitoring the right level of heating and mould

‘My latest case with a housing agent is a good example of how we use the RoomAlyzer. The landlord had received a number of complaints from some of the tenants who were convinced that the design of the building was causing mould to grow in their homes. A classic situation where the dialogue between landlord and tenants turns sour because you end up with a he said, she said situation.

We came in and after a few weeks of measuring with the RoomAlyzer we could tell that the problem was not the design of the building but the fact that the tenants would turn up their heat too high and not ventilate often enough. We were able to resolve the conflict and teach the tenants what to do in the future.

IoT equipment is really easy to use. You just go in and put it up and that is it. Much better than dataloggers that you have to read manually or sensors that operate via a gateway which is often accidentally switched off by the tenants. The RoomAlyzer allows us to follow things real-time which means that we can keep measuring until new habits are in place.’

Bo J. Mortensen, Owner, SKADE-teknik, Aalborg

Bo J. Mortensen - Skade-teknik
Bo J. Mortensen - Skade-teknik

Boligselskabet Sjælland

Keeping costs down and checking that renovations are effective

'Keeping our buildings up to date is important to us. It allows us to keep the costs of heating down while at the same time making sure that our flats maintain a certain level of comfort. Temperature, humidity and CO2 are of particular interest to us. We use the sensors to test our indoor air quality before and after renovations and we are keen to use data-based measurements instead of relying on feelings.

We want to make sure that the improvements we are adding to the buildings, e.g. windows that are sealed more effectively, are in fact effective and that they help create good indoor air quality. We have chosen the RoomAlyzer because it is battery driven and saves us from having to find a power outlet. We have been looking for a solution like this for a while. It is so easy to use that even I can figure out how to do it.’

Martin Mortensen, Energy Advisor, Boligselskabet Sjælland

Martin Mortensen - Boligselskabet Sjælland
Martin Mortensen - Boligselskabet Sjælland

Zealand Business Institute

Better indoor air qulity and fine-tuning HVAC and CTS

'We are using the sensors on all six of our locations in order to optimise our indoor air quality. We want to give our students and our staff the best teaching and learning conditions. At the same time, the data allows us to evaluate complaints and make decisions that are founded on data rather than on feelings.

‘What you can’t control, you can’t measure’ is my way of looking at it. Even though we have CTS on all locations, we have put up RoomAlyzers in all of our classrooms. It is our only way of getting standardized data that we can compare.

The sensors have allowed us to take action in our new buildings where the heating system has been creating problems. The data gives us documentation that we can use in our dialogue with our supplier. We have also been able to optimise the way we use our HVAC.

The fact that the sensors do not need cables or wifi makes this solution very flexible for us to work with. Cabled sensors costs thousands of kroner to move about.'

Henrik Sander - Zealand Erhvervsakademi
Henrik Sander - Zealand Erhvervsakademi

The zoo keeper

Taking proper care of the animals and using it for teaching purposes

'We use the sensors for many things. They monitor that the temperature and humidity is just right for our snakes, gekkos, birds and so forth. If one of the animals is not doing well, it often has to do with whether they are too warm or too cold. The data helps us find out if we ned to start treatment.

The RoomAlyzer is also a warning system for us. A while back the boiler stopped working during the weekend. The sensors let me know immediately so I could take action. Without the sensors, I’d not have known till we were actually in the building with the animals.

In the old days we could only read the numbers when standing in front of the cages. The sensors are a lot more secure and can be used for teaching purposes too. We are allowed access both here and now data and historical data. We also use it to make sure that we have the right level of ventilation and that the lights are switched off at the right times inside the cages.'

Lars Kristian Clausen, Teacher and Zoo Keeper, Vilvorde, Roskilde Technical Academy