Air quality

The market's easiest all-in-one solution

Your improved air quality starts here

  • Handling air quality complaints

  • Identifying where you put your money to the best use

  • Monitoring the performance of your heating and ventilation systems

  • Saving energy: 1 degree cuts 5% off your heating bill

  • Nudging to let users know when it is time to air out

  • Mould prevention via email or sms

  • DGNB and ESG: Strengthening your green profile

  • And much more...

Let data give you a hand with

Our RoomAlyzer FULL sensor transmits wirelessly and without the use of cables. It measures eight values: Temperature • humidity • real CO2 • TVOC • noise • light colour • light strength • presence in the room.

The sensor delivers all of your data to one system. If you want, it can also deliver data directly to systems like DALUX FM, Pronestor, Azure IoT Central and many more.

RoomAlyzer Full Billede
RoomAlyzer Full Billede

MICRO discretely measures humidity and temperature

If you need to measure basic air quality in a way that is as good as invisible, we offer you our MICRO air quality sensor. It weighs just three grams and is the size of a stamp. The sensor is wireless and measures temperature and humidity in display cases, exhibitions, piping, fridges etc.

The MICRO air quality sensor is wireless and finds its way to the internet via the Cloud Connector which has the capacity to handle a significant amount of sensors and square meters. The MICRO has a battery life of up to 15 years and, like our other sensors, it delivers data to the user-friendly RoomAlyzer system. You can also opt to have email or sms warnings.