An experienced and creative team

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IoT Fabrikken is a team of people with a lot of experience and a knack for coming up with new ideas. We build hardware and software and we are one of the few places where you can get complete IoT solutions.

When we deliver your solution, you will not have to go shopping anywhere else. Regardless of whether you are looking to collect data on air quality, space management, cleaning or a little bit of everything. You need not worry about how to get started either: We take great care to ensure that you know how the sensors and our system work, and we always take the time to answer support messages.

Teamet i IoT-Fabrikken

Mikkel Fischer

Mikkel Fischer, Partner
MBA. Mikkel takes care of the financial side of things and draws on his many years of working in the private sector. He is incredibly well-versed in IoT and knows every component inside our sensors.

Katja Kafling

Katja Kafling, Communication
MA in English and philosophy. More than 20 years of experience with cooperate communication and television. Former journalist, editor and host at TV2 Øst.

+45 2713 1040

Lars Wichmann

Lars Wichmann, Partner
MSc in Forestry Science and Nature Management, PhD. Programmer with more than 15 years of experience of building internet based systems. Lars is the main architect behind the development of the food safety software eSmiley A/S.

Jens Overgaard

Jens Overgaard, Account manager
Jens has worked with sales for much of his professional career. He loves technology that makes a difference. Jens is good at listening and finding the right solution together with his customers.

+45 7171 4080

Dorthe Deleuran

Dorthe Deleuran, Head of Sales
Dorthe has worked with sales and facility on multiple levels for many years. Her fuel is optimising air quality and space management with solutions that provide a better working environment.

+45 7171 4070

Rikke Füchsel

Rikke Füchsel, Sales coordinator
Rikke has worked with sales of internet based systems for many years. She is a backbone within Fabrikken's sales and customer service towards existing and new customers.

Jon Wichmann

Jon Wichmann, Partner
MSc in economics and computer science. Entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience with internet based systems. Founder of DIBS A/S and eSmiley A/S.