Better preservation in storage and exhibitions

If you run a museum with one or more locations, the RoomAlyzer system helps you keep track of the air quality in your storage facilities, exhibitions and display cases. The system is used by many museums because it is easy to use and replaces manual dataloggers. Once the RoomAlyzer sensors are in place, you have all the data you need in your app.

  • Storage: Your items in storage are monitored even when you are not there.

  • Exhibitions are monitored at all times.

  • Display cases: Use our MICRO sensors for discreet monitoring in smaller places.

  • Loans: You can document that items on loan are exhibited in the required air quality.

  • Transportation: Our MINI sensor can be used for items on the road.

Keep your collections safe with data - at all times

Dashboard: Your quick overview of all sensors and locations.

Warning messages: When temperature and humidity levels exceed your limits.

Auto reports: Easily set up for both internal and external use (e.g. loans).

Charts: Compare data over longer periods of time and download as pdf.

Preservation Index (TWPI): Document the air quality for your more fragile items.

... And much more. Want a demo? Go to the bottom of the page.

Features for museums

Discreet monitoring in display cases

Our MICRO sensor is perfect for monitoring temperature and humidity in display cases where you want the items to be the focus of attentiion and the sensor to be as discreet as possible.

The MICRO is wireless like all our sensors, but needs a Cloud Connector to go online. The CC is easy to manage and just needs to be plugged in. After that it can handle both large spaces and large number of sensors.

As with all of our other sensors, data is delivered straight to your app, on mobile and on PC, and you get all the features that you need, like auto reports and warning messages when and if air quality limits are exceeded.

The MICRO can also be used in storage and exhibitions in general and you can mix and match our different sensors as you like. We are always happy to advise on the best way to go depending on the size of you museums, number of locations and needs in general.

FM or conservator? We work closely with both

IoT Fabrikken have worked with museums for a number of years, so we know our way round all types of museum facilities. No two are alike but we always find a way to help you with your specific needs in terms of sensors and locations.

We work closely with both museum facility managers and conservators and understand the different agendas in a museum. Energy optimisation and preservation have to go hand in hand in today's world and the RoomAlyzer system is ideal for this assignment as it can be used by everyone in the staff regardless of their level of IT-knowledge.

Assisting in research projects is also a part of our expertise and our RoomAlyzer system helps museum institutions and authorities carry out research in many different types of older houses and museums.