Based on use for better quality

  • Hassle-free sensors: Mount, activate and and you are good to go.

  • Optimised cleaning plan: Create a plan that accounts for how often your desks and rooms are actually in use.

  • Easy-to-use heat maps: Colour codes let your assistents know what to clean when.

  • Ranked email list: Let the RoomAlyzer system email you which facilities are the most and the least in use.

  • Overview of all types of facilities: Offices, restrooms, meeting rooms etc..

  • Add as many users as you want: No limit.

  • Used in many different places: Schools, municipalities, classrooms, offices and public toilets to name a few.

RoomAlyzer Heatmap - Rengøring
RoomAlyzer Heatmap - Rengøring

Your new optimised cleaning plan starts here

Document your cleaning

Regardless of whether you are the one providing the cleaning service or the one purchasing it, documenting that your cleaning has been carried out at the right time in the right place is an obvious advantage.

Using the RoomAlyzer system you can ask your assistents to document that they have been on site by scanning the QR code on the sensors. All they have to do is open their phone camera and scan. Like the rest of the cleaning module it is really easy to work with.

RoomAlyzer til rengøring
RoomAlyzer til rengøring